Generate traffic to your website

As most of your potential customers are already using their mobile phones for browsing social media sites and the web, using social media sites is the most effective way of advertising your enterprise.

For example, by adding ‘posts’ to your Facebook™ group you will be alerting your followers, both potential and past customers, of the new news and new products you have on offer. After the alert on their phone they can easily, and often will do, click on the post and be taken through to your responsive design website. If they like what they see they are likely to share your post with their friends and family, so your follower network gets larger all the time and news about your enterprise spreads; very effective and free advertising.

Which social media sites do you register with?

If you’re a business focusing on professionals, you can connect to LinkedIn™. If you are an artist or photographer then Flickr™ or Instagram™ may be more suitable. If you make videos to advertise yourself or your products then perhaps YouTube™ or Vimeo™ are right for you. Whatever your line of business there is a specialist social media site for you and you probably already know which ones you would like to use.

So, some social media sites will be more suitable to you than others but the bottom line is you can register with them all and post information and adverts to them all. The key is to focus on the more generally accepted and frequently used sites, such as Facebook™, and to also post to specialist sites depending on your business.

Advertising on social media can be automated

wwwhatever can integrate your website with any number of social media sites and also assist you in setting up your presence on these sites. When you post a new product or some news on your website you can copy it across to your chosen social media sites with the click of a button.