Your brand is important

Your website is an integral part of your brand. So, if you are an established business with a recognisable brand image, it is likely your website will need to be hand-crafted rather than built from a template that is ‘off the shelf’. Having said that, if you can find a suitably close-fit WordPress® template then we will be able to modify the code to make it more unique and satisfy your exact needs.

Responsive designs that work on all devices

Many of your clients are more likely to use a mobile phone, tablet and/or laptop rather than a desktop PC nowadays, so it is important that your new website looks good and responds well to those devices. They are also likely to use these devices when sitting on their sofa, walking about town or travelling so your website needs to download information and images promptly and not hang. At wwwhatever we make sure your website will delight your clients and not irritate them and make them think of looking elsewhere.

Bespoke code that is written just for you

Once we understand your particular needs our programmers will write fully responsive functionality for your website, in line with your brand image and operational requirements. wwwhatever will talk to you throughout the development process to ensure we are delivering what you need within your timescales.

Bespoke designs do cost a little more

As you might expect, a website that is designed specifically to your needs will cost more than a design that is ‘off the shelf’. However, it will not break your bank, especially if we can modify some code that was written for another client in the past. We won’t be able to quote you until we know what it is you’re looking for, so please start the ball rolling and contact us.